donderdag 17 september 2015

Wireless technology serious health risk for schoolchildren and pregnant women

Former Microsoft chef Frank Clegg:

' Never allow a child to be close to a connected mobile phone or tablet.'

Dear parents from all over the world,

190 scientists from 39 countries seriously requested the United Nations and World Health Organisation recently to protect children and pregnant women much better against the obvious health risks of wireless technique.

Microwaves from wireless devices are harmful
The intellectual debate is over, the vast majority of scientific research shows that microwaves from wireless technique are harmful. The biggest insurance companies like Lloyd of London don't take the risk of covering damage caused by them. The point is that our national and international governments are way more ambitious in protecting their economy than our health. The similarity to the banking crisis is striking; a harmful unhealthy system is growing bigger and bigger and coming our way with no national nor international authorities who are able to turn the tide.

Extremely high radiation levels in schools
Radiation levels in schools exceed those at home enormously, depending on the amount of devices which are connected to the wireless network.. Since schools became hubs of wireless devices with hundreds or thousands of mobile phones, ipads and notebooks (even in the busiest offices you don't find so many wireless devices per square meter!) they turned into concentration points of extremely high radiation levels. An insane situation because children need to be protected much more against radiation than adults.

Parental action is needed!
As we parents remain as passive and silent as the authorities than we might wait, like in the banking crisis, until it is too late. Only this time the price we'll pay won't be a bad economy but the damaged health of our children. Therefore, we must act now, join our parental strength and demand that we'll be honestly informed and wifi and cell phones in schools will be removed. Please inform yourself with the following knowledge of the many scientists whose publications are thoroughly kept away from the public domain out of fear that it will damage our national or personal economies.

Why this silence?
Governments remain silent because of the money they make with auctioned frequencies and the economic impulse of the wireless industry.
The industry remains silent, well,... we understand all why.
The newspapers remain silent because they cannot miss the advertisement money of the industry

May 2015 appeal: 190 scientists from 39 countries calling UN and WHO for protecting citizens better against EMF

International EMF Allinace (IEMFA)